Take another little pizza my heart now baby 

March is just around the corner and I’m still a skint, chubby mess. I broke my New Years resolutions of saving money and losing weight in the first week of 2017 but I’m not too upset about it because a good chunk of the human population did the exact same thing. Source? Memes, of course.

Don’t get me wrong. I have been trying. I take a salad to work at least once a week (even though the plan was to do this everyday) in an attempt to save pennies and maintain a balanced diet. Today was that day. I sat in my friends car eating my (somewhat) healthy salad and scrolled through my instagram feed.

Now, there are two types of people on instagram. 1) people who slate people who post pictures of food, and 2) people who joined instagram for the sole purpose of looking at sexy food pics. You guessed it. I am the latter.

I took a liking to one particular food pic so I of course had to make it for tea. BAGEL PIZZA. Genius, right? It’s no gourmet dish but I’m no gourmet girl so it was perfect.

The process goes like this:

1. Cut bagel in half.

2. Lather in jarred tomato pasta sauce. No, not homemade sauce. It’s Tuesday for Gods sake. Who has time for that?

3. Cover in so much cheddar cheese that you forget the shop bought tomato sauce exists.

4. Carefully top with a variety of Spanish tapas meats like you are tucking in a child on a cold Winter night.

5. Treat yourself to a layer of all the mozzarella you can get your hands on.

6. Pop it in the oven for 5 minutes.

7. Finish with some rocket.

Janis Joplin was right when she said you know you got it if it makes you feel good. 

I got this.


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