My kitchen – my sanctuary 

New Home 🏡 

The big move is fast approaching and already my house is stocked with cooking essentials (and some not-so-essentials) that we will surely need for dinner parties that Luke isn’t aware he’ll be co-hosting.

In my opinion, the most important rooms in any house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Every other room can be easily improved with little work but if your kitchen and bathroom are naff, it’ll take a lot of time and wonga to get them looking Instagram worthy.

We viewed a lot of houses before we found the one, but when we did I knew it straight away. We walked into our little terraced cottage and it felt warm. Luke likes to remind me that the estate agent probably turned on the fire before we arrived to make us feel that way, but my soft girly heart knows that the warmth was a mixture of excitement, happiness and love. Okay, the fire probably did play its part but it wasn’t lit at our second viewing and I loved it all the same.

My Happy Place

The kitchen is beautiful. The walls are made up of orange and brown tiles, wooden beams run across the ceiling and it’s really well maintained.

I had initially planned to fill it with all things cream (so as not to clash with the colour of the walls) but my plans have since drastically changed. My kitchen is my happy place and I know I won’t be happy in a place that I’m afraid to get dirty.

Anyway, after creating and dedicating a Pinterest board to my future kitchen, I decided that colourful is the way to go. So far, my purchases to support the theme include:

  • 1 pink toaster (and Luke’s least favourite item)
  • 1 green slow cooker
  • 1 red whistling kettle
  • 1 colourful set of pans
  • 1 selection of colourful knives
  • 1 red kitchen clock
  • 1 yellow watering can (to be used as a vase)
  • 4 wooden chopping boards (yes, 4. 1 for cheeses, one for meats, 1 for shellfish and 1 for fruit and vegetables)
  • 2 plants (to give the rustic feel I so desire)
  • 4 sparkly blue shell shaped plates (ideal for serving scallops – although I doubt we’ll be in a financial position to buy scallops)
  • And 1 Mike (my one true love)

Meet Mike 

I met Mike online. I was browsing through the Argos website when he caught my eye. He’s bright, old-fashioned and he’s everything I’ve been looking for in a microwave. I knew he would fit in perfectly with the rest of the essentials and paid for him without a second thought.

Mike and I have been together for almost 12 hours now and I can honestly say that I’m a happier person now that he’s by my side. I brought him straight home and plugged him in, just to hear him ping. Nothing weird – I just wanted to make sure that he was working because I opted out in getting a warranty.


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